About Us

About Us

Learning new things at any age is FUN! At Let’s Gogh Art SG, we’ll show you and your children how entertaining, enriching (and easy!) it is to acquire new art skills and techniques and to discover the unexpected possibilities of creativity.
At Let’s Gogh Art SG, our programs are not just about drawing, painting or doing art and crafts. Our curriculum stimulates and connect the right and left brain hemisphere by integrating ART with English, Science, Maths and General Knowledge. Students are not only exposed to these subjects, but are also taught age appropriate life skills and Public Speaking skills.

We’ve designed a wide array of classes and workshops for toddlers, school-age children, teens, and adults that are professionally instructed, informative, affordable and fun. Classes follow the same structure weekly (so children very quickly feel comfortable and relaxed), but the topic and theme is always different. A new theme will be introduced each term where your child will not only be exposed to art but also to literacy and general knowledge. Every session, the children explore new adventurous topic according to the theme. The theme may be repeated but the lesson topics are never repeated. This means that your child could start Let’s Gogh Art SG classes at 12 months, finish at 12 years and will never repeat the same session twice!

Let’s Gogh Art SG also provides mobile art based classes to schools, childcare and student care centres, community clubs, camps, libraries and private homes.

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