Are you a Left, Right or whole Brain Learner?

I had an interesting conversation with another mummy today while waiting for my son in his preschool. This mummy told me that she suspect her daughter is a right brainer and she is wondering what it is all about. Coincidently, this is exactly the topic I was researching about and also the reason why Let’s Gogh Art SG was set up.

Is your child a left, right or whole brained? Try the ‘quiz’ below by Jeffrey Freed in his book “Right Brained Child in a Left Brain World”

Learning Styles Inventory for children:

  1. Is your child extremely wiggly?
  2. Does your child have difficulty with colouring or handwriting?
  3. Was your child a later walker?
  4. Is your child extremely sensitive to criticism?
  5. Does your child have allergies or asthma?
  6. Is your child good with building toys, such as Lego, Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs?
  7. Is your child good at puzzles and mazes?
  8. If you read a book to your child two or three times, is he or she capable of filling in missing words with almost perfect recall?
  9. Is it extremely important that you child likes his or her teacher in order to do well in class?
  10. Is your child easily distracted, or does he daydream a lot?
  11. Is your child unable to consistently finish tasks?
  12. Does your child tend to act first and think later?
  13. Do you have to cut labels out of your child’s clothes? Does he only want to wear clothing that’s especially soft and well worn?
  14. Is your child overwhelmed at sporting events, loud parties, amusement parks?
  15. Does your child tend to shy away from hugs?
  16. Does your child need constant reminders to do certain things?
  17. Is your child extremely competitive and a poor loser?
  18. Does your child have a sense of humour? Does he have a better than average ability to understand or create puns?
  19. Is your child a perfectionist to the point that it gets in the way of trying new things?
  20. Can your child recall a vacation or other event from one or two year ago in vivid detail?

For adults and teenagers:

  1. Are you better at remembering faces than names?
  2. When you are presented with a toy or piece of furniture to assemble, are you likely to discard the printed directions and figure out how to build it yourself?
  3. Are you better at thinking of ideas if you’re left alone to concentrate, rather than working with a group?
  4. Do you rely mostly on pictures to remember things, as opposed to names and words?
  5. Do you have especially acute hearing?
  6. Do you cut labels out of clothes? Do you favour garments that are especially soft and well worn, finding most clothing too rough or scratchy?
  7. Do you tend to put yourself down a lot?
  8. When you are asked to spell a word, do you “see” it in your head rather than sound it out phonetically?
  9. When you are studying a subject, do you prefer to get the “big picture” as opposed to learning a lot of facts?
  10. Are you good with puzzles and mazes?
  11. Can you imagine things well in three dimensions? In other words, can you visualize a cube in your mind, rotate it, and view it from every angle without difficulty?
  12. Were you considered a late bloomer?
  13. Did you need to like your teacher to do well in his or her class?
  14. Are you easily distracted to the point that you find yourself daydreaming a lot?
  15. Are you a perfectionist to the point that it gets in the way of trying new things?
  16. Are you ultra-competitive, hating to lose more than most people do?
  17. Are you good at figuring people out? Do others tell you that you’re good at “reading” people?
  18. Is your handwriting below average or poor?
  19. Were you a late walker, or did you have other delayed motor skills as a child?
  20. When you’re in a new place, do you tend to find your way around easily?


0-4 YES – very left brained
5-8 YES – somewhat left brained
9-12 YES – whole brained
13-16 YES – somewhat right brained
17-20 YES – very right brained

This is not a scientific test. It gives you a general understanding of your brain dominance.


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