5 Benefits of After School Enrichment

by Let’s Gogh Art Singapore

Let’s face it, in this digitally enhanced world with tablets, iPods, Xboxes and iPhones, participationlibrarykidsnowords in after-school enrichment is a lost art…literally. Dont get me wrong, I love my electronics as much as the next artists, but I believe children need (and deserve) a healthy balance of technology AND activities that tap other parts of the brain and aid in their development. So how do children benefit from creative play and physical activities after school?

1. Creativity
There’s a myriad of activities that can get children tapping into their creativity (they are innately more creative than adults are). Some of the best choices are arts and crafts, drama, and music. Surprising to some, are sports and collecting hobbies which teach critical problem-solving skills. Creativity encourages children’s natural curiosity and is a great life-long skill.

2. Physical Exercise
Moving the body is a perfect way to teach children about the benefits of exercise while establishing another great life habit. Physical movement keeps the body mentally and physically fit, helping children stay healthy and improve learning capacity.

3. Self-Confidence
A self confident child is much better able to handle life. Social activities offered in an afterschool environment help increase self confidence through social interactions, beyond the regular circle of classmates or family members. Many of the activities offered to children help them with conflict resolution, communication, negotiation, and collaboration. All of the skills will be valuable in all phases of a children’s life.

4. Stress Relief
After school activities are a great way for kids to blow off some stream from the day, without the restrictions of a regular school day environment. Kids can decompress and either paint or run their stress away. Kids live in a pretty stressful complicated world, so if we can create opportunities and safe environments for them to get physical and mental relief, everyone will benefit.

5. Team Work
Teamwork has become more important in a child’s life. Not only in the typical team environments like sports, but in schools and even in homes where the concept of family is much more oriented toward a team philosophy. The concept of a team is based on a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. In a team, the team is put ahead of the individual. An important lesson in today’s “me” centered world. Many activities such as scouting, cheering and dancing teach children important team lessons.

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